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Web Development

Take our experience and expertise to develop your web application

Web development consists of building an Internet-based application solely for use on the Internet or an Intranet. It typically consists of the backend to a website and allows users to perform any number of functions ranging from simple online purchases right through to fully-integrated and scalable company-dependant database applications.

Thanks to .NET playing the most important role in online platforms, Appiam's team of web developers consists primarily of .NET web developers.  In addition we have a small number of ColdFusion, ASP and PHP programmers.

We find that our approach to web development is different to many of our competitors.  Instead of simply building an application that adheres to the principles of a given technical specification, we internally plan the potential outcome of the project to prevent any problems from arising.  More importantly we look at building leading functions from the specification that we can store in our library to use again and improve upon each time.  This makes us almost like an open source development team, whereby each project we build is stronger than the last.

We understand that the majority of our customers are technical, but not as technical as our programmers, therefore it's our job to predict the coding steps of the project before we even start and add value by suggesting additional (or sometime less) functionality to achieve the core goals and principle of the project.

Although our team is small, over the last 8 years since the release of .NET, the Appiam team have developed web applications for BT  Business, Nokia and Galliard Homes.

Due to Appiam's extensive knowledge in the field of web development we have now built our own:

»  Secure payment servers for online debit / credit card processing
»  GSM servers to send & receive SMS, MMS and mobile video content via mobile phones and computers
»  GPS servers to track vehicles and people
»  File servers to allow users to share files online
»  Database servers to store and log Internet data


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