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Web Design

We can advise how your website should look for its intended market

Now, more than ever before customers perceive businesses based on their website design. A website is the 'face' to a company and is a documented copy that anyone can view quickly, easily and allows customers to find information they are looking for in a way far more accessible than ever before.

That's why it's so important to have a website design that reflects your companies image and thoughts. Every time you mention your companies name to a new customer, give out a business card, give someone your email address, each contact method is an indirect link for people to visit your website.

Now not only can you bring in business through your own sales and marketing techniques but we can help with search engine marketing and optimisation. Over the last 7 years we have learned all the tricks to get your website where it needs to be... Highly ranked on Google. This can bring a whole new waive of business and can also be targeted at particular demographics or geographic areas. To prove it, open Google and type 'IT Support Contract' you can see Appiam are highly ranked on the first page.

Please look at some of our recent web design work, our new Flash intro or our recent portfolio.

One of the most important parts of web design is the design and how the website looks overall. The Appiam team also consists of graphic design artists who will design two initial layouts of varying colour and theme of the home webpage for you to select. Again we take into consideration all the factors relating to your company to provide the best possible website design.

You will notice that many new websites (like ours) look very simple in design (Google, Facebook). Part of the reason is to help with search engine optimisation. Google would much rather crawl a simple CSS site than an animated Flash site, most of which is unreadable to Google's crawling robots.  The other reason is that visitors want to see content and easily navigate around your web pages, over the top web pages can be too much of a distraction and affect the usibility.

If SEO is not important or the design factor comparatively outweighs the SEO, we can really let loose and build an amazingly rich content and creative website.  Here are two examples we have recently worked on using Flash:

Please click here to view other recent websites we have designed...


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