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We provide premium rate SMS / MMS platforms now supporting 200,000 messages per month

Premium rate SMS text messaging allows businesses to deliver billable content to any mobile phone anywhere in the world. The premium rate charge is added to the customers mobile telephone bill. Premium rate text messages can be charged at anything from 50p through to £5 per message. In some cases, multiple premium rates text messages can be sent to charge the customer more than £5.

Due to premium rate SMS (PSMS) becoming more widely used, Appiam have been accredited by ICSTIS, the only premium rate regulation body to provide our own PSMS services to customers.

Our Internet platforms now support 200,000 PSMS messages per month, one of our largest customers in this market are Appiam developed the entire platform which acts as a mobile dating website purely based on PSMS. We have since added location based services so users can easily find out who is close by for a possible date !

Our platform is an industry first in supplying statistics, management utilities and now delivers premium rate picture messages in the form of MMS and streaming video content to mobile handsets. We can also bill WAP Push messages allowing practically any content being charged to the customer.

Now 3GP is available on most mobile handsets, Appiam have developed bespoke Digital Rights Management (DRM) software allowing 3GP files being delivered to mobile handsets (which could contain virtually any information) in the form of premium rate MMS messages but without any possibility of users forwarding the message on to a friend / colleague without paying for the content. Using forward lock security we can ensure the message only stays on the handset of the user who originally paid for the message.

Did you know mobile network operators earn more profit from plain SMS text messages compared to voice messages ? If a mobile network becomes flooded due to a football game or a big occasion, the network operators drop the voice lines before the SMS inbound / outbound lines. This just proves how popular SMS has become, particularly in the UK.

Many businesses are taking advantage of this by delivering PSMS, PMMS and premium rate video content to mobile phones. Appiam have the expertise and experience in building and hosting these platforms, please call us for more information.

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