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How high is your website ranked on Google ?

During website design & development one of the key factors is making your website optimised for search engines.

We work intensely to make the Internet an accessible and successful addition to all businesses. This means making your website attractive and visible to web browsers by using natural Internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and / or Paid Advertising methods such as Pay Per Click.

Only through rigorous testing (and mistakes !) back in the day when Google wasn't the most widely used search engine, Appiam have learned how to help drive more unique visitors to your website. Web marketing is far more complex than simple submissions to search engines and the addition of meta tags. To achieve increased volumes of traffic, your website needs to be engineered from day 1 for searching...

Very useful facts

Did you know that Google have over 1 million patents on advanced search engine techniques ? Fortunately they are all available to us so we can offer you the highest ROI through 'pay per click' advertising or free, organic search engine marketing.

Did you know that Google is the busiest website on the planet and not Yahoo? If not check for yourself at Google accounts is used for more than 70% of all online searches ! So it's not hard to see why websites are optimised for Google before any other.


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