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Remote Backup

Do you really ensure you backup runs smoothly on a daily basis ?

Most businesses have every intention of backing up their critical data every night. Sometimes they will even store the backup media securely offsite on a regular basis... just in case. But are you actually one of those smart minded business owners ?

Without a proper backup of your data you make your business very vulnerable. Imagine losing your data by means of theft, fire, flood, virus, power cut or a technical malfunction. This would be a disaster. On such a moment a proper backup is of essential importance to your business.

Appiam offers you the ease and assurance of online backup. You won't have to invest anymore in expensive backup software, tapes, tape streamers or time to make and check your daily backup.

With the online backup service from Appiam your daily data backup is fully automated. Every day your data is transferred over the Internet and stored safely in a secure datacentre from where you can access your data backup 24-hours a day.

The benefits are

»  No capital outlay on backup equipment or software
»  No set up fees or license fees
»  No / low operating costs
»  No staff input required for backup / recovery
»  No tape storage costs


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