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Disaster recovery

2,000 companies went out of business last year due to loss of data

Disaster recovery (DR) is dissimilar to remote backup. Remote backup is ideal for small businesses to provide an essential, cost-effective solution for keeping your data safe. Disaster recovery takes data backup to the next level and is generally implemented either for small businesses running mission-critical applications or for medium to large size businesses that would lose millions in the event of their IT systems temporarily failing.

A dedicated Internet connection with a high level SLA and a low retention ratio is placed on your site and all data is fed back to our datacentre in real-time. Every single packet of data that moves across your network from emails through to bespoke database packages is fed over your secure Internet connection to a replica set of storage servers in one of Appiam's highly secure datacentre's.

Appiam's award winning software, Logica DataPass sends a continuous ping (also known as a heart beat) from the datacentre to your site. In the event of a catastrophic failure or other disaster, the heart beat will stop, thus informing Appiam's replica dataset to take over. The switch over will be seamless allowing your business to continue in its normal manner. When the problem has been rectified, the changes are copied across to your site and the flow of data is directed back to your servers to resume normal operation.

It's easy to ignore the threats to your organisation's existence, until the day it happens. The effects on an unprepared business of an event such as fire / theft / flood can be, literally, disastrous. So serious in fact that it is now often a contractual requirement with customers that Business Recovery Continuity Planning is in place to ensure your ability to continue supplying them. A disaster to your organisation can damage hundreds of people, employees, customers, shareholders and can even put companies out of business altogether.


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