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Email Hosting

Nokia choose Appiam as their first ever hosted Email provider

More and more often the case, small to medium sized companies are realising the benefits of hosted email.

For a small monthly amount, typically around £5 per month, you can host your own email account at your own domain for example Now compare this to the price of purchasing your own Email server, supporting your own email server plus the associated configuration & operational costs...

If Appiam host your email, you would never be required to upgrade your email server, nor would you need to support your email server PLUS you could take advantage of additional functionality recently deployed to our email servers, the most recent addition allows you to synchronize your Blackberry or other mobile device with your own hosted email account.

Here are a few benefits to hosting your email with Appiam:

»  Greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership

»  No server fees / initial outlay / licensing

»  View your emails from any Internet connected device anywhere in the world

»  Synchronise your Blackberry or other mobile device with your email account

»  New ! Synchronize your calendar, contacts & tasks between your mobile device, PC and laptop OTA (Over The Air)

It's important to remember that all synchronisation with your hosted mailbox is completely automated and wireless, no cradles or USB cables are required allowing you and your operations to run seamlessly...

Hosting your email with us also takes away the burden of your own email server either crashing, malfunctioning or being liable to any other disaster from occurring. Appiam's email servers are stored in our own datacentre providing 24/7 support for 365 days of the year.

Recently Nokia notice our dedication and commitment to email hosting and we have since become the only promoted reseller of Nokia's Mail For Exchange client application in Europe. The Mail For Exchange application is now pre-installed on all future E and N Series Nokia devices and 12 million previously distributed Nokia handsets. our partner website can be found at


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