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complimentary IT support

If you already have expert, in-house IT services but still require additional expertise and input on a regular basis.

What happens if your IT team are on annual leave ?  What happens if an important member of your IT helpdesk is on leave due to sickness ?

Or, what happens when your internal IT team are just too busy and require an overflow mechanism ?

Appiam offer Complimentary IT support to cover your Engineers in the event of absence or to cover additional workload.  Over the last 10 years we have built up substantial knowledge in the implementation, deployment and maintenance of secure and reliable computer networks. When we take on a new customer we use all of this knowledge to provide the most pro-active and effective type of IT support possible, allowing us to quickly learn your network and all of it's associated system origins and eccentricities.

It's a common belief by management that their system is completely unique with bespoke systems in place and unique tools, which in most cases run the business.  We're glad to say that we've seen it all before and there is practically no system that we cannot learn, integrate with and take forward.

If you are considering Appiam to act in partnership with your current in-house IT team, please call Adam Gurney on 0845 800 4000.


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